Another Brush With the Law

Joe Francis

A Texas college student claims the producer of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos, raped her at a Miami Beach hotel earlier this month.

This is not his first brush with the law. Video producer Joe Francis and several of his employees were arrested in Panama City in April 2003 after parents complained that their underage daughters were filmed in Francis' videos.

Now, Miami Beach police say they are investigating a rape allegation.

The 21-year old accuser told police she met Francis at a bar inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel. She says after three drinks, she and a friend went up to his hotel room. She told police she blacked out and woke up naked in bed with Francis the next morning.

She believes her drink may have been drugged.

Spokesmen for Francis confirms that he was in Miami Beach to promote his business the weekend of March 12.

He also said that Francis has admitted to having consensual sex with the young woman in his hotel room.