Enterprise Tornado Anniversary

Four-weeks-ago, an F-3 tornado ripped through the city of Enterprise, killing nine people and causing 350 million dollars worth of property damage.

A month later school officials continue to look toward the future.

Enterprise School Superintendent, Dr. Jim Reese, and the school board are awaiting Governor Riley's signature on a 32 million dollar legislative appropriation to rebuild.

They're also waiting to find out how much insurance and FEMA dollars they can expect.

Those numbers must arrive before any rebuilding decisions are made.

"We need a minimum of 43 acres. When the school is built it'll be 45-acres. Looking at the numbers of insurance and FEMA monies for Hill Crest and the high school and we may need additional acres if we don't rebuild at the current site," said Dr. Reese.

Dr. Reese says the Enterprise school district has received four million insurance dollars.