Sentencing in Death Penalty Case

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Bobby Baker was arrested for a 1994 shooting spree that wounded 2 people and left his wife dead. He was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to die.

However, the state Supreme Court reversed the decision and ordered a new trial and Baker was found guilty again. That same jury recommended death.

And in Thursday morning's sentencing as the convicted killer sat in the courtroom expressionless he waived his opportunity to present evidence in the case. That could possibly sway Judge Lawson Little’s decision.

Minutes later, Judge Little handed down the death sentence. But family members of Baker say, regardless, they'll continue to support him and say they are sad he's going to death row but right now there's nothing they can do about it.

Meanwhile, district attorney Doug Valeska says what could happen to Baker is justly deserved.

Baker attorney's automatically appealed the decision. That ruling will come down within 2 weeks.

During the appeals process Baker will wait on death row at Holman Prison in Atmore.

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