Child Advocacy Center and Team

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Child abuse experts say most children only want the abuse to stop, they don't care if the adult faces repercussions and in Houston County many organizations are working together to help children cope.

Valeska "There is no worse crime than that against a child."

District Attorney Doug Valeska is part of a team that meets when a child abuse case is reported in the area. Current protocol for handling abused children reduces the amount of pain children have to endure when they reach out for help.

Robinson "Want social services, district attorney and law officials to protect the child and make the situation as least painful as it can be."

The multi disciplinary team approach to child abuse is made up of five local organizations. Holding a joint investigation makes for a sounder case in court and benefits the child.

Walker "By having a child friendly atmosphere it reduces the trauma."

The Child Advocacy Center has been the central location for child abuse investigations in the area for fourteen years now.

Every child who comes forward saying they are sexually abused will go through this team approach, which should prevent them from having to testify in court.

If you suspect child abuse, you can report it to DHR at 794-8754.

However, if you believe a child is in imminent danger you should contact police immediately at 911.

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