Drugs, Large Amount of Cash Seized in Raid on Dothan Home

Police say they caught Dothan man stashing away several pounds of drugs and thousands of dollars in drug money.

A sizable drug seizure for the Dothan Police Department Wednesday night, when officers busted into a house in downtown Dothan and seized approximately five pounds of marijuana and about 25-thousand dollars in cold hard cash.

Police say 21 year old Jimmy Lamar Berry was handling all this money and drugs.

Berry has been under investigation by the Dothan PD's Narcotics Unit for almost two months.

And Wednesday night they served a search warrant on a home on East Newton Street were they found all of this contraband, which by the way police suspect may have come from Atlanta.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell said, "I think it demonstrates the fact that the war on drugs that we hear about every day in the local and national media is ongoing. It's something certainly that we have to be persistent with. And I'm proud to say that this approximate five pounds will not be going on the streets to reach our kids."

Because of the amount of drugs that were confiscated, Berry will be charged with trafficking a controlled substance.

Berry is currently being held at the Dothan City Jail.

Police say bond will soon be set for him.

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