Eufaula Looks to Combine Schools

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The Eufaula City Board Of Education is looking to take three of its elementary schools and combine them into two. It's expected to create better results for students.

"Eufaula has always had a reputation to doing things with greatness. School reconfiguration is going to allow us the opportunity to deliver the education to the children and this community with excellence," says Daltonya Warren, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Under the plan there would be two schools, one for an early-childhood development center for pre-kindergarten though second grade, and the other for third through fifth. The pre-k though second grade students would be at Western Heights Elementary. But it's still not certain where grades three though five will be held.

There are two places that could be the home of grades three though five. Here at Sanford, the school already has a gym and auditorium and the Boys And Girls Club is nearby. But Bluff City already has more classrooms and a larger area to build.

"They'll be put together and they'll stay together. So, they'll go to though all the elementary grades together and when they get to high school, there won't be a merging and the middle school people feel very good about that. It'll be beneficial to them. We feel like by pulling all of their resources together with their appropriate age groups, it gives us an opportunity to serve the needs to those students.”

If the schools become restructured, it's not expected to go into effect until 2008.

The Eufaula City School Board plans to vote on re-structuring the elementary schools at its April 17 meeting.

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