Violence Prevention Program

News 4 has told you recently about a stabbing at a Daleville school and an alleged hazing incident in Ozark. And these days’ incidents like those are becoming more and more common.

But, there is a program right here in the Wiregrass that aims to change that. It's called the Second Step Violence Prevention Program and Spectracare runs it.

Candy Gaff, Spectracare prevention specialist, says, "The children learn how to work through their problems instead of just getting upset and using violence. They learn how to calm themselves down and talk it over with the other person instead of resorting to violence."

There are nine sessions in the Second Step Program and teachers say they see a difference in their students even after just a few visits from Gaff.

The Spectracare program reaches students in Pre-K through 6th grades in Barbour, Dale, Geneva, Henry and Houston Counties.