Racial Discrimination

The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says the City of Dothan discriminated against Eva Matthews when she did not get the job as the Dothan city clerk, Pam McCoy was hired instead.

Matthews filed a complaint with the EEOC last April. The agency has ruled that she "was" discriminated against because of her race.

Matthews works at Fort Rucker, she's served on the Dothan Personnel Board for the past four years.

The EEOC says Matthews was more qualified and had more experience for the job of city clerk. The ruling clears the way for her to file a lawsuit against the City of Dothan.

The EEOC's "letter of determination" calls for unspecified back pay and damages.

Mayor Chester Sowell says he has not received an official copy of the decision and
he wants to discuss the ruling with the city attorney before making a public statement.