Construction Site Thefts

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For years, thieves have targeted lumber and plastic tubing at most construction sites. But recently, interest has shifted to copper and other red metals.

Thieves are entering the properties at night and are taking newly-installed electrical wiring to make a pretty penny off of the metal.

The wire was just installed throughout the house and was ready for insulation. But those plans were put on hold when the insulation crew arrived the next day and saw what had been done. Several builders in the Wiregrass have made reports of the same problem.

They believe the thieves are taking the wire to sell to scrap metal yards, making money off of its copper, which has nearly quadrupled in price over the past few years.

Until this stops, home builders like David have to pay an extra $2000 to re-purchase the material and hire a crew to re-wire it. And if this continues, we could see a price increase on the finished product.

We visited a couple of scrap metal yards in Dothan today. Their employees told us, stolen scrap metal accounts for less than one percent of the products they buy. They manage to keep that number low by keeping records of who they buy from.

The Dothan Police Department is currently investigating this problem. Anyone with information about this problem should call 615-3604.

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