Dothan Summer Jobs Still Available

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Dothan's leisure services department has openings for summer jobs, but not many people are applying.

"The Department of Leisure Services is currently accepting applications in the Summer Playground Program, the Summer Camp Programs, The Aquatics Division, whether it's being Lifeguards at Waterworld, or Lifeguards at the Neighborhood Pool."

But even with all those jobs available it seems the leisure services department has one problem. They can't find enough people to fill those positions.

"It seems a little worse this year than normal and I'm not sure why?"

Authorities suspect the lack of applicants who walk through their doors falls on the simple fact there are more places to look for work.

And that's combined with a competitive salary.

Still, those with Dothan Leisure Services say there's nothing like working for the city during the summer.

Elston "We believe Being outside, being able to wear shorts, being around children in my opinion is the best place to be"

Robin "We just want everyone to know we have these positions available and we're just looking for hard workers. It is hard work, but its fun work as well.”

There are 65 jobs available through Waterworld, 25 at the 4 city pools, and 7 through the playground and camp program.

Waterworld hopes to have the first phase of its positions filled by April 21, when Waterworld orientation begins.

For more information on these summer jobs call leisure services at 615-3700.

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