Bond Hearing for Dothan Preacher Accused of Sexually Abuse

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A bond hearing is held to decide if a Dothan preacher accused of sexually abusing children will be released until his trial.

During the hearing an investigator with the Dothan Police Department said Holland confessed to the crimes against two children and detailed how he violated them.

Dothan Police Dept. Investigator Phillip Rice said, "Holland gave a confession that he touched the victims in the vaginal areas and the buttocks."

Prosecuting Attorney Doug Valeska said the evidence proved that Holland is a danger to other children in the area if released, but still defense attorneys fought for a reasonable bail to be set.

"In Alabama charged with a crime you are entitled to bond and the judge will decide that," said Defense Attorney John White.

Juge Mendheim looked at all the evidence and set Holland’s bond at 250 thousand dollars with specific stipulations attached.

Prosecuting Attorney Doug Valeska said, "The defendant can't be around children under the age of 17, the judge wants to know where he is going to live before he is released and he can't have access to a computer."

The judge is mandating Holland not live at his current residence if released because there are many children around the age of the current victims living in that area.

The defense is pleased with the outcome of this hearing. In fact, Defense Attorney Doug Valeska says this is one of the highest bonds he has ever seen and thinks that shows how seriously the court system takes crimes against children.

A trial date has not yet been set for Earl Holland.

News 4 will continue to keep you updated as more information is released.

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