Bethlehem Community Clean-up Progress

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Clean-up of Henry County’s widespread storm damage is taking longer than some had hoped.

Piles of debris still line some roadways, waiting for county crews to pick up.

Eddie James says he thanks god every day for living through the March 1 tornado

His home was one of the many homes destroyed in the Bethlehem community.

Its remains still sit in the same pile on the county right-of-way as it did three weeks ago.

"There's a lot of it. They're trying to clean up now, and suppose to clean up here this week. I want them to hurry up and do it," says James.

A lot of the debris has been piled up along the roadside for weeks and residents say they need this gone before they can rebuild their lives.

But county crews say they have been working steady and what's taking so long is the way crews are required to pick up the garbage.

"The progress is coming along quite good. It's a little slow because we have to segregate the debris: metal, household debris, wood debris. But, the people's working good with us, and we're doing the best we can for them," says Roger Scott, District 4 Henry County Commissioner.

County leaders expect to get most of the clean-up done by next week.

The county is planning a major clean-up day for the Bethlehem community this Saturday.

Leaders are hoping to get some help from state agencies in the clean-up effort.

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