Mayor Pat Thomas' Remarks

In Tuesday’s city commission meeting, Mayor Pat Thomas gave his reaction to former Mayor Kenneth Everett’s attempts to change Dothan’s form of government.

Mayor Thomas said he researched records from Everett’s term as mayor and found they contradict opinions he's recently expressed.

Mayor Thomas also cited a list of seven moves Everett made during the first 24-months of his term, which include raising sewage rates by 64-percent and raising water rates by as much as 50-percent, all this without the people's vote.

He also said he thinks Everett's reason behind wanting to change the form of government stems from frustration over his own term as mayor.

"This commission and this manager do indeed work together as a management team. So Mr. Everett may line up his candidates, as he will. Each commissioner will continue to look after the interests of the city of Dothan every day to the best of their abilities. And we won't be bullied by a wealthy ex-mayor with a personal agenda," said Mayor Thomas.

It's the first comment Thomas has made since Everett placed an ad in the Dothan Eagle, Sunday March 18th.