Sales Tax Spending

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The city of Dothan has been collecting tax revenue from the additional one-cent sales tax for almost three months now. Already several projects to improve the city are underway.

The one-cent sales tax increase is already making a difference in the city of Dothan.

A total of $1.5 million dollars has been allocated for resurfacing projects, some of which are already complete.

Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas says, "Flowers Chapel Road has 1008 homes and four to 5000 cars come up and down the road seeing a newly resurfaced road each day."

Westgate Recreation Center has been revitalized. Roundabouts have been created to keep the flow of traffic running smoothly and landscaping has been added to make the park more inviting to residents.

Ann Rumble, director of Dothan Leisure Services says, "This project has needed to be one for 30 years and it can be now with the one- cent sales tax."

The Dothan Police Department will see benefits from the additional tax within a month in the form of new vehicles and a pay raise.

Mayor Thomas said, "17 police cars [have been] ordered and raises [are in store] for the fire and police department, implemented to keep employees."

The city of Dothan is putting "Pennies for Progress" stickers and signs around town on projects that were completed with money from the new one-cent sales tax

To see a list of where your tax dollars are being spent you can go to Dothan’s webpage, and click on “Pennies for “Progress.

There you can see an itemized list of projects being worked on with the tax revenue from the additional sales tax.

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