Preacher Arrested for Sexual Abuse

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Dothan Police have arrested a Dothan preacher on sexual abuse charges.

An investigation has been underway for several weeks and now, police have enough information to make a case.

Fifty-three-year-old Earl Holland has been accused of sexual abuse.

Holland is charged with four counts of first degree sexual abuse.

Police say he was taken into custody for abusing two eight-year-old girls who attend his church.

Police have not released the name of the church, but say it is a Baptist church in the city of Dothan.

Three of the charges against Holland occurred in Houston County and one occurred in Dale County.

The Dothan Police Department has been working closely with the Child Advocacy Center and Houston County Sheriff's Department during their investigation.

“We have got to insure safety of children. It’s important to locate predators and take [them] into custody so they don't prey on our children,” said Lt. David Jay of Dothan Police Dept.

Dothan Police say they are conducting a thorough investigation to see if any other children may have been victimized by Holland.

Holland is being held in the Houston County Jail without bond.

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