Chipley Pit Bull Restrictions

The Chipley City Council imposed a set of conditions on those who wish to own pit bull dogs within city limits.

Faye Rabon is friends of the Chipley family who lost their six-year-old son to a pit bull.

Several years ago, the dog fatally attacked the boy while he was playing in his parent's backyard.

The city council imposed a $200 per year registration fee on those who want to keep a pit bull as a pet.

The owner must also keep the dog behind a six-foot chain link fence and if on a leash the dog must wear a muzzle.

Chipley City Manager Jim Morris says, “Pit bulls are very dangerous animals, especially to smaller children, but we have a lot of homeowners who have them tied-up in the backyard and they smell and don't keep them like they should."

Similar restrictions on pit bull dog ownership can be found in cities across central and south Florida.

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