City Manager Search Begins All Over

After months of searching, Dothan city leaders are back to square one when it comes to their city manager search.

News 4 has learned that the top candidate for the Dothan city manager job has turned it down.

Billy Beckett came to Dothan on Monday to meet with city commissioners. Beckett is the city manager in Riverdale, Georgia, and until Tuesday he was the top candidate.

Mayor Chester Sowell says in the last week or so four commissioners had expressed their support for Beckett. That would have been enough to hire him, but the mayor says Beckett didn't feel comfortable coming without more support. Even after meeting with commissioners on Monday, Beckett was unable to sway the remaining city leaders.

So Tuesday, he informed the mayor that he wouldn’t be taking the job. The mayor says that means the search begins all over again.

That pleases District Two Commissioner Amos Newsome who was among those who did not support Beckett.