U.S. Military Recruiters Target Spring Breakers

Panama City Beach is not only the hot spot for spring breakers, but the hang out spot for Amy recruiters.

How high can they climb a rock-climbing tower? What will they do to win free prizes? And how good are they at target practice?

These are just a few techniques the United States Amy has to reel in spring breakers on their temporary Panama City Bach military base.

U.S. Army Lieutenant Luan Lopez said, "We just spread the news, the Army news, the Army love around here and become one with the community and the community become one with us. A lot of kids are interested in becoming soldiers and we are here to answer any questions that they may have."

In Club La Vela's parking lot, the Army's virtual reality tent is a hit with many beach goers.

The simulated technology allows them to climb in Hum-V's and aim at enemy targets, or hide in a make-shift trench, just like they are on a real mission.

Even after the fun and games are over, there's a debriefing on how successful the mission was.

Daniel Pecvich of Pensacola, FL says, "Kind of makes me want to join the Army. I kinda’ liked it. It makes me think of how people over in Iraq are doing so I have for appreciation for them people"

Back on the beach, vacationers sign their names for chances to win free-t-shirts and other beach wear and compete in obstacle courses and other sports challenges.

On average, the Army's recruiting center's have about 1000 visitors daily.

Army recruiters will be on the beach until this Saturday, March 24th.

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