VA Clinic Public Meeting Schedule March 30th

The veteran's affairs clinic in Dothan has received approval to convert the outpatient clinic in Dothan from a contractually operated facility to a VA staffed operation.

This doesn't mean the clinic will be at Fort Rucker but it is an option.

If the VA Clinic were to move to Lyster Army Health Clinic, blood work would be offered at there because they already have lab services.

Veterans could use the pharmacy and fill their prescriptions without a co-pay.

Colonel Michael Kaminski, commander of Lyster, says the Fort Rucker option would make the most out of taxpayer's dollars.

“We've downsized here at Lyster and because of that we have more space and that 's what I mean when I say we'll be saving taxpayers money and it's all about saving taxpayers dollars,” said COL Michael Kaminski

No decisions have been made yet on when or if the Dothan VA Clinic is moving.

There's a town hall meeting a week from tomorrow to discuss this topic.

That meeting is scheduled for 1 pm on March 30th at the Dothan Opera House.

All veterans are asked to come and give your opinions and suggestions on this issue.

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