Gold’s Gym Will Reopen After Minor Fire Damage

Cleaning crews carry equipment inside of Gold's Gym while the gym's doors stay open for ventilation.

A Tuesday night fire inside the exercise complex sent staff and some 25 customers scrambling for safety.

Capt. Chris Etheredge said, "We received a call approximately 10 minutes till 10 last night for fire involvement in the sauna area here at Gold's Gym. The initial reports were heavy flames in the rooms that the sauna is contained in. Our first unit arrived and encountered just that and was quickly able to extinguish the fire and contain most of the damage."

Firefighters calmed the blaze in 20 minutes and no one was hurt.

But for now, patrons’ plans to get pumped have been sidelined until further notice.

Capt. Etheredge said, "The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. The Fire Marshal’s Office is working to determine the exact cause of the fire. However, the room of origin was the sauna area which is [a] wood box that contains heat."

Authorities say if it weren't for the quick response of Gold's Gym employees, who called 911 immediately and got everyone to safety, the fire probably could have gotten worse.

Owners hope to open the entire gym by next Monday after the smoke and water damage is cleaned up.

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