Eufaula Building to Get Makeover

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The city of Eufaula is hoping to attract more business and customers to its downtown area by tearing down one of its oldest buildings.

The Bluff City Inn, which was built in the late 1800s, holds many memories for Eufaula residents.

It’s home to a local favorite restaurant, the Cajun Corner and it was once used to hold social events and club meetings.

However, that's about to change.

In order to utilize the space, Developer William Hitson is going to tear it down and rebuild it with more space, commercial area and a parking deck.

"It'll be an anchor for downtown. The man's going to invest several million dollars in this project. So, it'll be a good anchor for downtown and we think it'll create a lot more activity in downtown Eufaula," says President of Eufaula City Commission, Jim Martin.

Right now, only the bottom floor is utilized on the three story building. But after the construction, it will be four stories tall and officials say will bring more money to the area.

The job is expected to run $8 and $9 million dollars, but it's not going to cost the city anything, since the space is privately owned.

"I'm 100% behind the improvements on the Bluff City Inn. Any man that wants to spend $8 million dollars on a project that's going to help beautify the city and help bring in industry and help promote business in Eufaula, I'm 100% for it," says Joe Mitchell, Downtown Business Owner, Eufaula Hardware Company.

As far as the historical aspect goes, the Eufaula Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously to approve the demolition of the downtown Eufaula cornerstone.

The project is expected to begin in six months and will be completed by the end of 2008.