Spann on Lindh Verdict

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The father of a murdered CIA agent said he wants to testify at a sentencing hearing that American-born Taliban John Walker Lindh was responsible for the killing.

Johnny Spann of Winfield, Alabama, father of Johnny Micheal Spann, said in court papers filed Monday that he was not consulted about the plea bargain that would give Lindh a maximum 20-year sentence.

In a television interview, Spann said he expected at least a life sentence.

The younger Spann tried to interview an uncooperative Lindh shortly before the government agent was killed in a Nov. 25 prison uprising in Afghanistan.

Lindh pleaded guilty July 15 to contributing services to the Taliban and carrying explosives in commission of a felony. As part of the deal, prosecutors dropped accusations that Lindh participated in the revolt.

Lindh denied he had advance knowledge of the uprising.

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis the Third has scheduled an Oct. 4 sentencing hearing for Lindh. Ellis is under no obligation to accept the plea bargain.