Abbeville School Construction

There is renewed controversy over the new Abbeville High School. A couple of Abbeville parents have petitioned the court to stop construction of the new school.

Instead, they want Abbeville and Headland schools to be consolidated.

Talk of consolidating the two schools surfaced right after a tornado destroyed Abbeville High School about a year and a half ago. But they were quickly dismissed after heavy opposition from both towns.

So the Henry County School Board made plans to build a brand new high school on Highway 431.

A year later the superintendent gets a call from a lawyer in Mobile saying he has two Henry County citizens who want to block construction of the new school.

They are claiming there is racial inequity between the two schools. Headland High School is two-thirds white and Abbeville high school is two-thirds black.

There will be a hearing on the matter on April 8th in Federal Court in Montgomery.