New Marianna Hospital

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The current Jackson Hospital in Marianna first opened its doors in 1979. Officials say the facility has outlived its intended use. Now, there's a move to build a new $60 million dollar facility.

Marianna Internist, Dr. James Gordon, enjoys practicing medicine at Jackson Hospital. But he says the 100-bed facility has seen better days.

Dr. Gordon says space is limited and that often creates crowded conditions for staff and patients. "Give the patients what they need,” he says. “We are cramped for space. There's no room to find anything. It would be easier with a new facility."

Surgical Operations Nurse, Debbie Matthews, has worked at Jackson Hospital for 18 years. She and the hospital administration are supporting a half-cent sales tax. The revenue would go toward the construction of a new facility to be located along I-10:

“The element of building a new facility we can get in 22-months as opposed to adding on to the current structure with lack of space for new wings," Matthews says.

For one ER physician, Dr. John Griffin, he says having space with a new hospital would be tremendous, which is something really lacking at this time. "Twenty rooms will mean seeing 20 patients at the same time. It would be tremendous for the community."

At 6:15 Tuesday night, March 27th the Jackson County Commission will hold a public hearing on a half-cent sales tax initiative.

Next Tuesday night, the Jackson County Commission is expected to vote on whether to place a sales tax referendum before the voters to pay for a new hospital.

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