Dothan Garbage Ordinance

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Dothan city commissioners are exploring ways to reduce the cost of a second garbage container for local residents who may need one.

As it stands now, residents don't have to pay for one container, but a second one is $100 dollars.

However, if a new measure is approved, that cost would be cut in half.

To date, 12,000 garbage carts have been placed in residents’ front yards to match the city of Dothan’s recently purchased automated garbage trucks.

Though the carts can hold up 95 gallons of trash, for some residents that's just not enough.

And, because only a certain amount of trash and garbage can be placed in the carts, people may need a second one.

The city gave residents the first one free, but if they want another can, they'll have to fork out $100 dollars.

Now, some city commissioners hope to chop that price right down the middle.

Commissioner Larry Matthews of District 1 says, "As far as people who have teenagers and a large family they may need to get additional cans and the purpose for reducing the fee, we don't want to over burden them."

Commissioner Philip Tidwell of District 6 says, "Also, you don't own the cans with the $100 fee, and I'm looking at it as $50 is a fair price for the resident."

Commissioners haven't decided when or if the garbage ordinance will be amended.

The issue will come before the commission again in two weeks.

Some Dothan residents are still waiting to get the new garbage containers. City officials say the program will be in full swing by the summer.

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