Make Ross Clark Circle Safer

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Thirty-five-thousand motorists travel the west side of Ross Clark Circle each day. Dothan Police see dozens of accidents weekly and they're working to prevent them and they're asking for your help.

A man trying to cross Ross Clark Circle in front of Applebee’s Monday night was struck by a car, which broke his leg.

The driver says he didn't see the man in the road.

Dothan Traffic Engineer Service Manager Charles Metzger says the city is trying to alleviate that problem. “We're asking for funding for street lighting to light the roadway because some accidents are at night.”

Street lights will help at night, but with spring break traffic picking up and new stores in the area, traffic is heavy all the time.

“West side carries 35,000 a day, which is an increase from 20 years ago,” Metzger says. “We've had a double in traffic.”

Dothan Police warn drivers not to stop in the medians on the circle.

Corp. Lee Nelms with the Dothan Police Department spots a confused driver. He says, “See, like that car there shouldn't be stopped in the median. Sometimes I see as many as 5, 6, or 7 cars in the median trying to get out into traffic.”

Officials warn you not to wave other drivers through because you might not see the cars coming.

“If you can't see yourself what traffic is coming, don't go,” says Nelms.

These are some important tips for you when you head out onto the west side of the circle in Dothan, which could keep this from happening to you!

Officials also remind you to always wear your seatbelt, don't follow other drivers too closely and mind the speed limit, which is 50 miles per hour on the circle.

Dothan Police also caution pedestrians to be extremely careful when attempting to cross Ross Clark Circle, even at night when there's not much traffic.