Riley Aviation Support

Gov. Riley said the money would go to build the best aviation school in the Southeast.

They are looking at a couple of different ways to spend the money. One is taking all the money and putting it towards a new state of the art equipment, like simulators and classroom labs. The outdated equipment they are using now is more than 30-years-old.
Another option is to build a whole new facility.

The EOCC Aviation Program is the only maintenance technician training facility in the state and one of the few in the country. That could be important to Fort Rucker when legislators consider the next round of base closures and he says it's important to aviation in general.

A local group of representatives went to Washington about a week ago to make a presentation in support of Fort Rucker.

Riley said it's that kind of community support that makes him more confident in Fort Rucker’s chances of avoiding closure.