Enterprise Working to Fix Tornado Damaged Parks

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There is extensive damage to recreation parks in Enterprise and with the clock ticking before spring sports begin, city officials are working to get them back in operation.

Leaning light poles, destroyed dugouts, and bent bleachers, destruction is all around.

Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell says, "We need to start paying attention to our recreation and baseball fields at this point."

Because of the extensive damage and safety issues, playing fields at Enterprise Rec Center have been closed since the March 1st tornado.

Of the total 14 playing fields in Enterprise, six were destroyed. To fix all the damage, it will cost an estimated $350,000.

From hanging wires to leaning fences, the damage at Enterprise Recreation Center is obvious. Now, officials say they're working to get the fields repaired and get the spring activities back on schedule, with adult leagues and close to 600 children participating in spring baseball and softball.

Plus, the girls and boys teams at Enterprise High School use the facilities.

Now, time is of the essence.

Director of Enterprise Parks & Recreation Billy Powell says, "It's very important to get these players back out there and playing ball. To redirect, and get back away from the tornado and get back to our normal activities; [it’s] what we had to do and move forward in life."

The opening ceremonies scheduled for March 31st have been pushed back to April 14th.

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