Abbeville Cocaine Bust

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Abbeville Police have taken more than two kilograms of cocaine off the streets, which police say was in route to Panama City.

Police say this may be the largest cocaine bust the department has performed. They are crediting it to one officer's strong senses.

Abbeville Police seized between $140,000 and $160,000 dollars worth of cocaine Saturday night around 8:45.

Police charged 29-year-old Anthony La-Guan Oliver of Panama City with trafficking cocaine and possession of marijuana first degree, after finding 2.2 kilos of cocaine, $7,360 dollars in cash and about two grams of marijuana inside a box in his possession.

"Other seizures we have on traffic stops pails in comparison to this. This is without a doubt a huge seizure for our department," says Abbeville Police Chief Mickey Shelley.

Police stopped Oliver on 431 South for an equipment violation traffic stop.

Police say Oliver was in route to Panama City, coming from Atlanta. It was during the stop when the officer noticed the smell of marijuana.

"Our officers are trained well. They’re very diligent. They pay close attention to detail. They are well familiarized. They've had training in street level narcotic enforcement, so they know what to look for," says Shelley.

Police say drug trafficking typically happens on Highway 431, especially during spring break.

Oliver was traveling with his wife. Police say she wasn't charged with any violations, after Anthony Oliver confessed to trafficking and said she didn't know of his job.

Police say Oliver has an extensive criminal history, including drug distribution and resisting arrests.

Oliver is being held in the Henry County Jail without bond.

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