Daleville Stabbing Meeting

Parents in Daleville sounded off last night about a stabbing that happened at the school earlier this week. The parents questioned school officials about what they're trying to do to keep students safe.

Dozens of parents and teachers gathered to discuss the stabbing, which happened early Monday morning inside the school's cafeteria.

School leaders were hit with questions over safety procedures and whether they are doing enough to help students who witnessed the incident.

Some students got into the discussion as well, with some calling for additional security and others saying the school is safe.

While everyone agreed they don't want to see such a situation happen again, there are different feelings on what happened.

School officials say the stabbing is the first incident of an assault at the high school in more than twenty years.

As far as safety, school officials say both teachers and a police officer monitor the student's behavior at all times and that they may consider the use of metal detectors.