Credit Union Robbery

Authorities are continuing to search for the men who robbed the Alabama Telco Credit Union on West Main Street yesterday.

The Alabama Telco branch on West Main Street never opened for business Wednesday morning, but two men armed with silver handguns made a withdrawal anyway.

Authorities say they forced them to open the vault, went into the vault and retrieved what money they could get. They grouped the employees together in a room and told them to stay in until they exited the building.

Investigators with the Dothan police department say it all happened in a span of 4 to 5 minutes. When it was over one employee was taken away in an ambulance.

Lt. Roy Wood ham with the Dothan Police Department said, "one of the ladies, the employees, was roughed up a little by one of the suspects but she was not seriously injured."

The hold-up has some who live next to the bank shaken.

Right now, investigators don't have a whole lot to go on -- witnesses describe the suspects as black men.

Woodham says, "these suspects were almost completely covered wearing hooded shirts, sweatshirts, gloves, baggy pants, and left very little for ID purposes."

Investigators aren't sure how the suspects got away, but they say it's likely a getaway driver was waiting outside.

Police tell News 4 the hold up appears to be similar to a string of bank robberies in the Montgomery area, and they're also looking closely at some robberies in Florida and Georgia to see if there is a link.