Panama City Beach Robberies

Some spring breakers have become robbery victims. Panama City Beach authorities say a group of robbers targeted the spring breakers.

Four Wiregrass men are in jail in Northwest Florida after a string of armed robberies, which occurred within a two-hour period on Panama City Beach Sunday night. But, Bonifay police foiled the suspects attempt to get home to Alabama.

Around 7:30 p.m. Sunday, authorities say the robberies began at a Panama City Beach motel on Front Beach Road. The men reportedly held up a college student and took $20 in cash.

They then allegedly held-up four victims at the Bay County pier and took $40.

A short time later, a similar incident took place outside a Panama City Beach convenience store. The suspects then got into an older model Chevy Caprice and headed North on Highway 79. That’s where Bonifay Policeman Steven Lee spotted the vehicle matching the description.

The suspects have been identified as Tavara and Brien Gissendaner of Ozark, Rilly Ray Scott of Pinkard and Vince Johnson of Newton. They all face several armed robbery charges.