Renters in Enterprise May Qualify for FEMA Assistance

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Many renters in Enterprise lost personal belongings after the deadly tornado two weeks ago. Many of them may qualify for help from FEMA.

Tatasha Holley is packing up boxes and moving out of her house she's lived in for four years.

She was at home when the tornado hit two weeks ago, shattering glass, ripping off her roof, and sweeping away her swimming pool. “All my stuff we had went flying out in [the] backyard,” she says. “Nothing was salvageable; all just got ruined; just heartbreaking.”

Tatasha walked outside to survey the damage and noticed her car was destroyed and homes were gone across the street and trees were chopped in half.

Tatasha, along with most of the people on her street, didn't have renters insurance. “When you first get a place it's not something you think about, not something that's going to happen to you. But now, when we move somewhere, we're going to have insurance for everything.”

FEMA has been helping a mix of homeowners and renters like Tatasha.

Each renter is evaluated on a case by case basis, but officials say renters should be eligible for assistance.

Simon Chabel, with FEMA, said many could be “Eligible for grants, personal belongings loans and others.”

That’s good news for Tatasha who because of a tornado, which came and went, in seconds lost almost everything.

If you are a renter who needs assistance, call FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA.

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