Spring Break Volunteers

Volunteers from across the country continue to filter in to help with the clean-up after a deadly tornado carved a path of destruction across Enterprise.

Thursday, another group came to the City of Progress to lend a hand.

Following the network television footage of the Enterprise devastation, a group of young Texans felt it was God's will to help in the tornado relief effort.

Nearly two-dozen high school and college students from Houston passed up the beaches for picking-up brick and mortar.

University of Texas Sophomore, Travis Barthollew, was one of them. "In college you don't always know what's going on in the world because you are studying,” he said. “I saw a small amount on TV of the destruction in Enterprise and I’m glad to help out."

The teenagers and several other volunteers are affiliated with a Methodist church in Houston. They say the pictures don't do the damage justice.

Sam Stevenson, another Spring Break volunteers said, "It's terrible, heartbreaking, but it feels good to help the folks out here, and they thank us for it."

The group was heading to do mission work in Lubbock, but redirected the trip to Enterprise at the last minute.

"We decided to take our mission to go to Enterprise to help,” Shari Reeves, another volunteer, said. “We felt it in the plan and we have done what we could to help."

Enterprise officials say the clean-up would not have been made possible without the help of the Texas kids and so many others over the last few weeks.

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