Houston County Tax Vote

A proposed tax hike to benefit the elderly in Houston County is dead and residents will not get a chance to voice their opinions on the issue.

Members of the Houston County Commission were considering two proposed tax referendums. But, the commissioners never took any action.

Houston County commissioners looked at letting voters decide in November if they want a higher sales tax or more property taxes to benefit the elderly. But, the only motion that was made died without a second.

Regional Council on Aging Director Robert Crowder originally asked for a public referendum on a three-mil property tax hike that would generate $2.7 million annually. After learning that a one-quarter cent sales tax increase would generate even more money, he wanted voters to decide on that option instead.

Senior citizens appear to be divided over whether more taxes are needed at all.

Commissioner Wylie Yelverton tried to get the sales tax hike placed on the November ballot, but none his colleagues seconded his motion or even discussed the issue.

Crowder, meanwhile, asked the commissioners to at least be willing to reconsider the tax referendum in the future.