Elementary School Students Go Back To School in Enterprise

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Almost two weeks after the devastating tornado hit, it was back to school Wednesday for students in enterprise. And one school not only got a new name but also more than one hundred additional students.

Hillcrest Elementary School was badly damaged by the March 1st tornado, and now hundreds of students who went there are going to school at Holly Hills Elementary. That is why that school is now being called Holly Crest Elementary.

"Today is certainly a turning point. We are on the road to recovery," said Oveta Pearce a member of the Enterprise City School Board.

For school students in Enterprise, the first step on that road to recovery is going back to class. Something many Hillcrest Elementary students did with smiles on their faces.

"There's only so much you can do at home when you're nine years old. My child's excited to be back in school," said Bill Frazier, a parent.

The Hillcrest students will now go to school with Holly Hill students. Both groups will go to school during different shifts; one group in the morning, the other in the afternoon. That means quite a bit of subject matter that has to be taught in a small amount of time each day.

"We're just focusing on the essentials. We're teaching math, everything included in language arts, and through science and social studies instruction, we'll be doing that by integrating the subjects in the language arts period," said Rena Averett, the Assistant Principal at Hillcrest Elementary School.

Mental health counselors are also ready and able to help students who may still be having difficulties dealing with the aftermath of the tornado.

"We know that probably the first day that we have a cloudy day, a rainy day or severe weather, we're going to have some anxiety with the students. We're trying to go ahead and address some of those issues now," said Averett.

Once that's out of the way, school officials hope to get students back on the right track with their schooling.

The school will keep the name Holly Crest Elementary school until the end of the year.

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