News 4 Exclusive: Emotional Reunion at Enterprise
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In the darkness and fear that filled the hallways of Enterprise High School just after 1PM on March 1st, a football coach and a female student formed a bond that may never be broken.

That student wrote a poem about what happened to her, a poem that's traveled around the world via the Internet.

In her poem, Taylor Suggs writes about the man who was the light at the end of the tunnel for her, a tribute to the man she says saved her life.

Enterprise Junior, Taylor Suggs hugs Coach Brent Harrison for the first time after he saved her life.

She thanks him for being there with her as she sat folded awkwardly in 3rd Hall under lockers and bricks for hours. “I don't know what I would have done without him,” she says.

Coach Harrison was one of the first teachers to get to Taylor after the tornado.

Seeing piles of rubble where he knew students should be and not being able to remove heavy pieces of concrete was the most helpless feeling for him.

He could only sit and comfort Taylor. “I could see her hand and I would hold her hand and tell her someone was coming,” he says.

Taylor reads aloud thoughts she jotted down hours after her terrifying experience which have since circled around the globe.

It’s the first time Coach Harrison has heard the poem which hales him a hero.

“I'm not a hero,” he says. “But all I did was hold her hand I’m glad she's fine; I'm glad she's okay.”

Taylor pulls her gown out of the dryer which she wore in the hospital where she suffered a concussion, whiplash, and cuts and bruises.

In her bedroom, she flips through pictures from EHS and points out where she was trapped under the bricks.

She keeps a brick from 3rd Hall that fell on her when the tornado hit. She's planning on getting it engraved and keeping it as a memorial for the girls who were buried next to her, but never made it.

“I can't be upset about it because she's in a better place,” Taylor says.

Brent says, “It's very sad she had to go through it. It's heartbreaking she had to see some of her classmates and friends pass away.”

Now, a simple hug from Coach Harrison comforts her, as she heads back to school where she'll sit in French class without the three girls she sat next to for hours after the storm.

Taylor is a junior at Enterprise High School. It’s her first year there after moving from Rehobeth.

Coach Harrison has spent his whole life in Enterprise. He graduated from EHS where he now teaches Special Ed and coaches tennis and football.

What a nightmare.
Words can not even describe the events of today.
We were all sitting in the hall for a few hours for the ‘tornado drill’.
Everything seemed so normal - then all of a sudden..
Power goes out and then there's a gust of wind.
I woke up to find myself buried under lockers, cement walls, and the ceiling.
Everyone was screaming…I couldn't move…
People were walking on the rubble that was on top of us
And I could feel myself being crushed.
My head was completely against my chest with my arm jutted out in an awkward position.
The stuff on top of me was bearing down on my head and neck…

Luckily, my fingers were stuck out of the rubble and lockers.
It was because of that that people realized that there were people trapped under there.
Everyone was screaming, praying, and I was just trying to focus on breathing.

A man named Coach Harrison found me and held my fingers while we waited for the Jaws of Life.
It was honestly that man that saved my life for the large part.
Him talking to me and holding my fingers are really what kept me breathing and hopeful.
They finally were able to pull me out once the Jaws of Life had got there.
Couldn't walk…completely covered in blood…didn't even know who I was.

They carried me to a room so doctors could try to look me over…
I was surrounded by people who were in shock and hurt.

They tried to rush me to the hospital, but the ambulance was having trouble getting through.
A girl was in there with me, both of us on back braces,
And she couldn't even feel anything on her left side of the body.
One paramedic was sweet enough to get out and carry me to the hospital…

Finally I got in the ER
I got SOOO lucky and I know for sure that the Lord was truly looking out for me.
I ended up with whiplash, a concussion, and cuts all in my head and back…
With debris embedded in them.

The girl who had been beside me under the lockers had passed away before they got to her.

This day has changed my life so much.
I know God has a purpose for me and my life.

If those lockers had fallen down just a few inches more…
I would've been completely crushed.

I've realized I am so much stronger than I had ever given myself credit for.

And I've realized that there truly are angels everywhere.
Ones like my paramedics, Coach Harrison, and all the others who helped me…and others…through this horrific day.

But knowing so many people have died, is the worst feeling.
It could've easily been me who didn't come back from unconsciousness and died.

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