Enterprise Roofing and Remodeling

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With rain expected for the first time since the tornado on March 1st, residents are working to get any remaining homes covered.

Many roofing companies in the area are offering their services free of charge.

Enterprise Volunteer Coordinator Sandy Woodard says, "We are getting people tarps everyday and these peoples homes will be damaged without it."

Roofing companies and volunteers have put in long hours since the tornado to cover holes in roofs throughout the Enterprise community.

"We’ve been working day and night, everyday to help the worst ones first of course," Woodard said.

Andy Kilpatrick works with a local roofing company, Enterprises/Roofing & Remodeling, and has been driving down streets with his crew, tarping any homes that are not yet covered.

"In the beginning, we were doing anything we came to. Then they started calling and this homeowner is not even home," Kilpatrick said.

More than 500 Enterprise residents now have to sit back and wait for the rain, hoping those tarps don't leak, at least until roofers can permanently re-shingle their homes.

If you need help covering your home with a tarp, contact the Volunteer Headquarters in Enterprise at 347-1014.

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