Target Record Grand Opening

The popularity of the new Target store in Dothan even has its employees surprised. Sunday's grand opening set a record.

Vickey Mapes is shopping at the Dothan Target for the first time. "I like it slow,” she says. “I like taking my time and having room."

However, according to Target managers, days after it opened it's anything but slow.

Before Target even held its grand opening Sunday, shoppers were standing outside for at least an hour.

Now, it seems the new trend for Dothan customers is to make their way to the Dothan Pavilion.

Target Assistant Manager Cristia Etheredge said, "I remember a guest telling me, ' I'm back today; I was here two times yesterday'. So a lot of guests are leaving and going to their house saying, 'Oh, I need this' and they are coming back and shopping with us."

The Dothan Target set record numbers for the chain, by having the largest grand opening sales ever in the region.

Meanwhile, it’s common to see empty shelves even though store policy requires employees to restock four times a day.

"Right now we're using that four times a day plus our early morning replenishment,” Etheredge says. “So we're having about five times of replenishment going on everyday."

So far, the all-purpose store has averaged about 200,000 customers

The Dothan Target beat out grand opening sales in Alabama and Georgia, and they still are hiring.

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