High School Students Return to Classes at EOCC

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Following a closed door session with the students and faculty in the gymnasium of Enterprise-Ozark Community College, it was back to class for nearly 1200 Enterprise High School students.

With maps in hand, the students looked for their respective building and classroom on the EOCC campus.

It would be an emotional day for them as well as their teachers.

Despite the emotional toll of losing eight fellow students, the youngsters say it's time to get back to class. One student, now in a wheelchair is Courtney Loose. At the time the twister hit the building she was in a science class in hallway three, which is where the deaths and serious injuries took place.

Courtney’s Science Teacher, Shannon Bridges, who is 5 months pregnant, shielded her and another student from much of the falling debris during the tornado.

"We would see each other face to face in the hospital and I said ‘thank you’. I appreciate what she did. She said she would do it all over again in a heartbeat and that meant a lot to me that she cared that much," Courtney said.

Enterprise City school officials say the first day back to school went amazingly well.

The only problem was the traffic coming in and leaving from the EOCC campus after school ended at 5:30PM.

Shannon Bridges is recovering and is expected to be out of the hospital in a couple of weeks.