DPB Investigation Continues

The Citizen's Supervisory Committee has granted the Dothan Personnel Board permission to "expand" its investigation concerning allegations of pager cloning by the city's police chief.

While the personnel board did not mention the investigation during last week's meeting, Board Chairman Gary Griffin has requested and has been granted permission to expand the parameters of the investigation surrounding the resignation of former Dothan Police Captain Jim Smith.

Neither Griffin nor Citizen's Supervisory Committee Chairman Mike Tew would comment on camera about this due to the pending investigation. But, Dothan Mayor Chester Sowell says the board has the right to look into additional information that may help them during the investigation.

Police Chief John White declined to discuss the matter on camera, saying that he had not seen the letter Mr. Tew wrote to the personnel board granting permission to expand the investigation. In addition, the personnel board originally had 60 days to complete the investigation, but that has now been eliminated.