Pryor's Successor

Bill Pryor
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Several lawyers with strong ties to the Republican Party are being mentioned as possible candidates for Bill Pryor's old office as attorney general.

But Governor Bob Riley said Saturday he won't be in a rush to appoint an attorney general to serve the final three years of Pryor's term.

Riley said Pryor left a good staff in place when he took a temporary appointment to the 11th U-S Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday.

Riley, who is attending a meeting of the nation's governors in Washington, has not approached anyone yet about the vacancy.

Jim Main, a senior counsel, is among two members of Riley's staff to express interest. The other is legal adviser Troy King.

Acting Supreme Court Justice Gorman Houston says some people have encouraged him to seek the appointment.

Two former judges -- former Supreme Court Justice Terry Butts of Luverne and former Criminal Appeals Court Judge Mark Montiel of Montgomery expressed interest in Pryor's office.

Other names on the list include Montgomery attorney Will Sellers and Birmingham lawyer Luther Strange.