Special Commemorative t-shirt

LifeSouth community blood center honored the memory of Enterprise High School students by giving those involved in the recovery effort with special commemorative t-shirts.

The shirts were presented to Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell, school board assistant superintendent Bob Phares, and Fort Rucker Lyster Hospital director Colonel Michael Kaminski.

The special edition t-shirt features a navy blue ribbon on the front encircled by the tornado date and the word's 'Enterprise, Alabama'.

The back reads, “remembering those lost on 3-1-07, I gave blood to my community to save lives in their honor”.

“It means so much because blood is such a valuable asset to the local community because when hospitals don't have blood on our shelves we are actually crying out for people to come help us out,” said Jeff Brannon of Medical Center Enterprise.

LifeSouth plans a number of honorary blood drives, where donors will receive these commemorative t-shirts.

The special edition shirts will be available while the supply lasts.