AG to Fight Parole for Triple-murderer

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama Attorney General Troy King plans
to appear at Tuesday's parole board hearing for Edward Albert Siebold.

King said he will oppose the convicted killer's release from prison. Siebold was convicted of murdering three members of an Auburn family almost 40 years ago and is serving three life sentences.

He was found guilty of breaking into the home of Juanita Sinclair in September 1967 and killing her with a shotgun.

Court records showed he went from room to room and shot and killed two of her daughters, 9-year-old Elizabeth and 18-year-old Mary Lynn, and a visiting friend, Mary Durant, who was nine.

Two other daughters escaped his attack by hiding under a bed and
in a closet.

King describes Siebold as quote "a monster who would attack and
kill women and children without regard to age." He said Siebold is
in prison and should remain there.

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