Doctors & Nurses Remember Chaos in Enterprise Emergency Room

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The men and women working in the emergency room at Medical Center Enterprise were faced with the daunting task of treating dozens of people in a very short time span. That's why some are considering them, the unsung heroes behind the catastrophe that befell Enterprise, on March 1st.

"I knew we were going to get a lot of casualties, and I hoped for the best, but apparently that wasn't the case," said Dr. John Drew, an emergency physician at Medical Center Enterprise.

Hours after the Tornado touched down in Enterprise, dozens of people went to the medical center seeking help.

"We went from having four patients in this ER to having 64 patients come through this ER, in about 45 minute's total time," said Georgiana Faulk, a resident nurse.

"Our ER has 12 beds and at one point in time, we had 17 people in the ER lying in stretchers, that were actually being cared for," said Jeff Brannon the CEO of Medical Center Enterprise.

Many of the patients went to the hospital with lacerations, bruises, cuts and scrapes. Others sustained injuries that were far worse.

"Broken Bones... we had a ruptured spleen that had to go into the OR. In fact just 45 minutes to an hour after people started arriving at the ER, we had patients in the operating room," said Brannon.

Despite the chaos, doctors and nurses were able to get people into the ER and treated quickly. And even though many of them had never experienced a catastrophe of this magnitude, they say teamwork helped them save lives.

Doctors from Dothan and Fort Rucker also went to Enterprise that day, and crowded into emergency room, to help as many people as possible. And despite the multitude of patients, nurses say the emergency room staff never ran out of supplies as they treated the wounded.

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