Henry County Tornado Scams

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At the time of disaster, some people in northern Henry County have found themselves victims once again; this time in price gouging.

Several residents in Otho, which is near Screamer, say they were taken advantage of.

It's taken long hours of steady work for the Otho community to get to this point, but more work still needs to be done.

After the March 1st tornado caused millions of dollars in damages, the people within the northeastern Henry County community got to work immediately with many area volunteers helping to clean up.

However, as time passed, some of the residents quickly found that not everyone was there to help.

"We've had problems with some price gouging where they charge you too much for what they do," says Henry County Sheriff, Will Maddox.

Henry County’s Sheriff's Office has put the area on close patrol since the tornado, but encourages those that live in the community to be extra cautious before hiring help.

"You need to make sure that whoever you get to help you clean up, is bonded and insured. Make sure they are reputable. Ask for references and people whose yards they have cleaned up in the past. Then, you can take time and call these people and ask what kind of job they do," says Maddox.

Sheriff Maddox also says to never pay the full amount of the work up front and just be cautious before making any agreement.

Sheriff Maddox says just because a price may seem high, may not mean the company is gouging. The way to tell is by checking references. That will also protect you against scammers.

If you see any price gouging or scammers in the area, contact the sheriff's office at 585-3131.

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