Baby Douglas Bill

A way to avoid one of a family's worst nightmares is in the works in Montgomery this week. Alabama lawmakers are proposing a bill that could assure that kids who attend childcare facilities in the state will return home every evening, safe and sound. It’s called the "Baby Douglas" bill.

Alabama currently has state regulations that demand licensed day care operators’ get parental consent in order to give medication to kids. "Baby Douglas" legislation would make it a criminal offense when a daycare does not follow the rule of law.

However, the bill would allow for emergency medications to be administered when caregivers get oral permission from physicians.

The Baby Douglas bill is named after Douglas Hernandez, who died in August 2002 after his care provider gave him over the counter medication without his parents' permission. His parents were in Montgomery on Wednesday to witness the introduction of the "Baby Douglas" bill.

The House Judiciary Committee will make a decision on the bill, and any amendments, on April 7.