Railroad Crossing Repairs

It's been nearly one year since the City of Dothan released a study showing that many of its railroad crossings were in need of maintenance.

While some progress has been made, railroad companies still have more work to do. News 4 revisited several crossings that were listed in poor condition by city engineers and found not much has changed at many of them.

While all three-railroad companies have made repairs at some crossings, so far, only Baylines Railroads is completely finished.

Some, like the one on Lake Street, are still plagued with broken timbers, and metal spikes sticking out. In fact, the problem is so bad that cars literally "bottom out" in the crossing while passing over.

The city's traffic engineer says he hopes the companies follow through on their pledge, especially at the Lake Street crossing.

News 4 talked with a CSX official who declined to give a time frame on fixing their remaining two damaged crossings. A Gulf and Ohio spokesperson says they hope to have their remaining eight crossings fixed within a couple of months.