Special Memorials

Members of the Enterprise community are honoring those students who died on March 1 when a devastating tornado severely damaged Enterprise High School.

Several memorials have been set up with the assistance of the Alabama National Guard to help students heal from the tragedy.

People across the Wiregrass are doing their part to remember the lives of eight students who didn't walk away from that devastating tornado on March 1. Memorials have been placed around the high school with the help of the Alabama National Guard.

PFC Donald Bell of the Florala Unit-AL National Guard said, "It meant a lot to put up that cross it meant the word to me."

The National Guard also raises and lowers the American flag at Enterprise High School each day as a way to show students they can recover from this tragedy.

Marcia Tomberlin with Enterprise City Schools said, "Raising that flag brought the school back to normal and we had to move debris to be able to do it but when we did Dewaye asked if we could raise the flag."

Knowling is a member of the Alabama National Guard Unit out of Florala who initiated raising the American flag. He and his fellow unit members see the flag as a symbol of hope for the students of E H S.

"I want the students to realize raising the flag is in honor of their lost classmates and they will always be with them," said Knowling.

Platoon SGT Bryan Brookshire of the Florala Unit- AL National Guard said, "Raising and lowering the flag is a type of memorial honoring those eight students whose gift of life was taken."

Enterprise High School students say the memorials help them cope with the loss of their classmates.

Megan Parks, an Enterprise High School student, said, "It means a lot people who haven't met us and thinking about us."

Karena Brown, another Enterprise High School student, added, "I can't even describe it, it's a morale booster to know we have support and we are not alone."

In addition to memorials, other school systems have already offered to sponsor this year’s prom for Enterprise and have offered to buy their cheerleaders uniforms for next season.

Several students from Enterprise are organizing the sale of bricks from the high school as a fundraiser. Funds would help with rebuilding efforts for a new high school.