Hartford Skateboarders

Officials in one Wiregrass city say skateboarders are threatening the health and welfare of the people in that city.

So, authorities in the Geneva County city of Hartford plan to "take back" public sidewalks.

Hartford Senior Center Director Carolyn Shiver points to where teenagers often use the side rail of a building to jump off their skateboards. She says several elderly residents have had near collisions with young people flying down the sidewalks on their skateboards.

Authorities say they've also received calls from downtown businesses with several saying the kids have caused property damage.

Pete Flownry works at a downtown business and he says the kids may get a little wild on their skateboards, but he says there are few places for young people to go.

Andy Braswell owns a Skateboard Shop in Geneva; he believes business owners can become part of the solution.

At this time, there's no skateboard ordinance in Hartford.

There are two popular skateboard "parks" in Ozark and Defuniak Springs, Florida.